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Traffic Survey

At recent Puhoi Community Forum meetings concern has been expressed regarding the safety of children in the village especially when the school buses are picking up and dropping off. Traffic does not slow to the required 20kph when passing stationery school buses, parking can be a problem for parents dropping off and picking up and the buses have to do a 3 point turn. We have been in touch with Auckland Transport seeking a solution to these problems and they in turn have asked the Forum to canvas the local community to ascertain the ‘best place’ for the Bus Stop.

The purpose of this Survey is to seek your opinion, especially if you are parents and care-givers of the local children, as regards the following possible sites for the bus stop. So – please have your say and respond with your choice, suggestions and concerns about the following options.

1) At the shop.

Advantages – Convenient.

Disadvantages – Traffic congestion, speed of traffic, 3 point turns needed for busses, busses sometimes have to stop and unload in the road.


2) By the Hall and/or church.

Advantages – Convenient.

Disadvantages – No ‘footpath’ when crossing the bridge, speed of traffic, 3 point turns needed for busses.


3) In the Domain Car Park

Advantages – Convenient, no traffic, no 3 point turn for busses.

Disadvantages – query re weight limit of bridge, safety of people crossing the bridge when it is being used by vehicles.


Please reply to Derek Hay, PO Box 404181, Puhoi, 0951  or email Derek Hay

Historical Thermometer

PHS fund raising sign 021We have this afternoon installed the new thermometer billboard sign to inform the Puhoi community of the fund raising required to have a new Museum building along with information about making a donation, with special thanks to Puhoi Valley Café who sponsored this billboard and a big thank you to the Catholic Church for allowing us to place this on their property.

This billboard will provide inspiration to those closely involved and allow the team fund raising leader Sheryll Titford to continue seeking new avenues for obtaining the necessary funds to reach the stated goal.

Adrian Anderson ( for the Puhoi Historical Society)

Noble Rot: Free Composting Courses

Receive a free voucher for $46 off a composting system of your choice.

An introduction to help you find the right system for your home – traditional compost bin, worm farm or bokashi buckets.
Matakana Saturday 3rd May 2-4pm
Orewa Saturday 10 May 2-4pm
Wellsford Saturday 17 May 1-4pm
Please book online at:
Or call the Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre office on:  (09) 482 1172
Exact locations provided on booking.

Sea Change

Glenda Bostwick is kicking off the new spatial plan for the Hauraki gulf and is seeking contributions from people in the Puhoi area. If you are a Puhoi local with an interest in the future management of our beautiful marine environment, please spare some time to attend and give our community a voice…

Tai Timu Tai Pari and the community meeting at the Orewa Surf Life Saving Club on Tuesday 22 April, from 5pm.  This  will be a small-group meeting to share information and stories of the gulf.  We will be looking at how it used to be, what’s changed, or not, what you value and what your aspirations are for its future.

The marine spatial plan is being developed over the next 18 months by mana whenua,  Auckland Council, Waikato Regional Council, DOC and the Ministry of Primary Industries.  It has a stakeholder working group of 14, representing organisations with an interest in the gulf, with members who have been selected by their peers to work collaboratively and find agreement on the use and protection of the gulf over the next 30 years.  Our role is to make sure all the issues and points of view are at their table.


I recommend you have a look at the project website,  The project’s monthly newsletter is there, background information about the project  as well as a survey, open till next Monday, 21 April, which gives you the opportunity to share your experience of the gulf: the places you visit – sea, coast, and islands – and why you value these locations.  You will also have the chance to go into the draw to win a Waiheke Island Explorer Tour family pass for two adults and two children.  You are very welcome to forward this information about the survey and the web site address to any of your friends, family and colleagues, who would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the project and to have their say online.

I look forward to meeting you at the Orewa Surf Life Saving Club next Tuesday after work!  Please feel free to call me on my mobile if you have any questions in the meantime.  If you are not able to make the meeting,  you may like to nominate a colleague to take your place.

Noho ora mai | Best wishes Glenda

Glenda Bostwick | Consultation and Engagement Advisor
Auckland Council  Mob 027 214 2019

Show some respect guys

A local resident, recently bereaved, was saddened about having to pick up a bag full of broken stubbies and other bottles, plus fragments of decorations blown around the cemetery from graves, and wonders whether a working bee is necessary or whether people visiting the cemetery, which is otherwise in beautiful condition and very peaceful, could do a bit of picking up. Would a wheelie or rubbish bin near the cemetery entrance be a good idea, she wonders.

Shepherds Warning

This drought –like dry spell has left some of our residents with stock, especially small sheep flocks, short of feed. If you have grazing to spare, or are short of grass, contact me, Judith Williams, and I will try and link you up.

Come on Baby but Don’t Light My Fire (yet)

The limited restriction on lighting open fires in rural areas, which normally ends on April 1 each year, has been extended until further notification while the fire authorities consider what steps to take if present very dry conditions continue. According to predictions, says our local fire chief, there is no significant rain on the horizon for another three weeks.

Public alerting system test advisory

Dear all,

This is an advisory that Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management will be testing their public alerting systems on Sunday 6 April at midday. These tests are carried out twice yearly on the daylight savings change over. 

Systems we will be testing include
• Tsunami sirens in the north and west
• North Shore tsunami notifier
• OPTn SMS system
• Public Alerting Platform (smartphone apps, website, SMS, social media)

Tsunami sirens
We test the tsunami sirens in the north and west to check operational performance and familiarise residents with the siren tones.

The locations of sirens in the north are:
• Point Wells
• Whangateau
• Omaha
• Waiwera

The locations of the sirens in the west are:
• Bethells Beach Te Henga
• Piha North
• Piha South
• Karekare
• Whatipu
• Little Huia
• Huia
• Te Atatu South
• Harbour View Road
• Te Atatu Peninsula North
• Westpark Marina
• Hobsonville Airbase (Harrier Point)
• Herald Island

What does the test sequence sound like?
The test sequence will be three sets of tones, each signaling a specific action. They will sound for one minute each and there will be 15 seconds between each set. In an emergency, tones will sound for longer. The siren patterns and the way they will sound in an emergency are:

Alert (dash – dash – dot – dot) – Evacuate beaches, prepare for full evacuation and monitor the radio or television for more information.
Evacuate (dot – dot – dot) – Immediate evacuation to the nearest safe high ground and avoid using personal transport unless essential.
All clear (continuous tone) – Return to premises if they have not been affected and follow directions of the emergency services if your area has been affected.

There will be media coverage of the tests. 

Please feel free to circulate this e-mail freely. 

Kind regards

Nicky Tayler

If you have any questions, please contact Nicky Tayler directly. Her email address



Opportunity Knocks

The Ministry of Education have released a number of ‘Aspire’ scholarships for 2015 to enable students from lower-income families to attend private schools such as Wentworth College in Gulf Harbour –Rodney’s only private school.Scholarship winners receive free tuition PLUS up to $1500 each yeartowards school related costs – not just next year, but for the remainder of their schooling at Wentworth!

Places are limited.
Applications close on 30 th April 2014 .
For more information please contact Gail Clews on (09) 424-3273. ;

HIGH SUCCESS RATE! In 2014, 1 in 3 applicants won a scholarship .