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Turn Your Waste Into Wonders

Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre is excited to be bringing a free composting workshop to Puhoi on Saturday 16 August, 2-5pm.
Learn to compost using a compost bin, worm-farm or Bokashi bucket system and get a $46 discount voucher to use to buy compost products from Kaipatiki Project (free courier delivery).
Bookings are essential – the village centre venue address will be given on booking.
Book online at, email or phone 09 482 1172.

To contact the sender, just reply to this.

Puhoi Rural Fire Monthly Report June

Force callout statistics for June 2014

  • Scrub fire  1,
  • structure fire 1,
  • medical –1,
  • weather related 4,
  • vehicle crash -1

Thanks for the Scrap

Thank you to the community for your donations of scrap steel. We made $97. Please only drop scrap steel though, we don’t get anything for the bags with rubbish that were placed there. If you have more scrap steel lying around, feel free to continue to drop off at Puhoi River Motors yard, on the left as you go through the gate. Thanks for your ongoing support.

Remember to ring 111

if there is something you think the fire service or any other service should be attending. Please do not ring the brigade members. This way, if the fire call taker needs specific details, you can give them what they need for an appropriate and immediate response.We are recruiting; if you are over 16 years of age, live locally in Puhoi and have a can -do attitude we are interested in hearing from you. We will supply all the training, uniform and support you need. Contact – Rob Beardmore 021891996 “ Chris Farac, Puhoi Rural Fire Force (thanks, as always, for your monthly report, Chris, ed)

Puhoi Community Forum: AGM Chairpersons Report



Chairperson’s Report

This year is the Forum’s 10th anniversary

Ten years ago, the Puhoi Community Forum (PCF) was created by members of the Puhoi community. Rather like an informal village council, it has two major functions – to facilitate communication between Puhoi’s community members and organisations, and to represent Puhoi within the wider arena. In this Annual Report, we will overview the major region-wide developments that have taken place over these 10 years, what the Forum has done to address them, and what lies ahead of us.

Developments in the wider community over the last 10 years

The political, economic and administrative landscape has changed drastically over the last decade. The Rodney District Council (RDC) ceased to exist in 2010, replaced by the new Auckland Council (AC). The RDC was replaced by the Rodney Local Board (RLB) as our primary point of contact with AC. AC introduced the Unitary Plan, first in Draft (2013) and then in Proposed (2014) form. AC consulted widely with its constituent communities, including Puhoi, on what the Plan should contain and how individual communities (like Puhoi) would fit in – a lengthy and ongoing process. The northern motorway was extended to near Puhoi, and a new extension to Warkworth and Wellsford is in the planning stage, with issues of appropriate access for Puhoi. Economic development in the Puhoi region continues apace, with large-scale activities (eg. Puhoi Valley Cheese and logging) happening alongside smaller developments in business and private endeavours. Land development and population increase have been more moderate, limited by the area’s topography and by Council regulation.

PCF activities over the past decade

In response to these wider changes in the Rodney district, the PCF has been active in a number of ways. At the political and administrative level, it developed the Vision for Puhoi document in 2008 as a blueprint for desired community development. This document served as the basis for a collaborative project between the RDC and PCF, where the Puhoi community participated in the development of a formal Puhoi Structure Plan, which was adopted by the RDC in 2010. When the AC put forward its Draft Unitary Plan in 2013, the PCF successfully advocated in both 2013 and 2014 for the inclusion of core Puhoi Structure Plan principles in the Unitary Plan.

In addressing the Puhoi district’s natural assets, the PCF concluded in 2004 a grazing lease arrangement with the RDC, which enabled the Forum to administer a 22 hectare grazing lease within the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park, using the proceeds to help develop the Park. Management of the grazing lease was devolved to the Puhoi River Park Society in 2008, which continued until 2013 when that Society was wound up and the lease reverted to the PCF. Ross Tolhopf was the lessee involved between 2004 and late 2013, and a new lease is currently being finalised. In 2009 the RDC, in consultation with the PCF and the Puhoi community, established a Park Management Plan and a Park Management Committee to oversee the wider development of the Park. The Forum has a recognised role in both Plan and Committee. AC’s Parks Department takes responsibility for a considerable amount of maintenance in the Park, and NZ Biosecurity Services has an annual budget of time for weed and pest control. While not directly responsible for the latter, the PCF has provided active support for Landcare’s endeavours over the years in plantings, weed control and pest management. In 2013 AC published an Ecological Management Plan for the Park, which provides a basis for PCF-supported community initiatives in Park development and maintenance.

The PCF has also been actively involved in advocating for infrastructure development in Puhoi, and several projects have been undertaken in conjunction with the RDC and AC. In 2008 a “Puhoi Traffic Calming Project” was published by the RDC and its findings incorporated in the 2010 Puhoi Structure Plan. On the initiative of the PCF, a community survey-based report titled a “Puhoi Historic Village Traffic Management Plan” was published in 2011. Using it as a foundation, the PCF successfully negotiated with the RLB to have some safety-related work carried out in the form of road edging, marking and footpath in the centre of the village in 2012. In the same year, the PCF applied for a Local Board Discretionary Community Grant. Thanks in part to the active support of Board member June Turner, we succeeded in 2013 in being granted $90,000 towards the construction of a pedestrial bridge opposite the corner of Puhoi Road and Krippner Road, and $31,000 towards the construction of a footpath between that bridge and the Puhoi Library. With the cost of the pedestrian bridge exceeding the available budget, a further grant by the RLB culminated in a total sum of $170,000 being available in 2014, which will enable construction to be started later this year. Alongside these infrastructure projects, the PCF has actively supported various advocacy initiatives, ultimately successful, aimed at ensuring direct access at Puhoi to the newly-planned extension of the northern motorway in the form of a northbound exit and a southbound entry.

PCF activities over the past year

Over the past 12 months, the PCF has continued its active involvement in a range of community activities and initiatives. Decisions were progressed in regard to:

  1. The grazing lease,

  2. Surveying the local community regarding traffic safety – the response was primarily concerned about speeding and school buses. A subsequent survey to ascertain the best area for buses to pick-up/drop-off children resulted in only 8 responses, equally divided between using the existing site or moving to the Domain – two mothers will carry this forward to try and get more response from the parents of those using the buses.

  3. Submissions to AC’s Unitary Plan as regards Puhoi Heritage protection, Neighbourhood Centre, Zones, and Puhoi Precinct.

  4. A new Forum brochure, outlining its nature and purpose, as well as an associated membership form and letter headed paper – created and donated by Theo Koops, Forum Committee member and local graphic designer.

We had visits and talks from:

  1. The Northern Action Group

  2. The Environmental Services Unit of AC – on Kauri Dieback

  3. Rob Wakelin – on the Puhoi Track section of the Te Araroa Walkway.

  4. Rodney Straka & Shelley Hacket – on an extended development plan for the Park.

Other matters we have discussed or dealt with:

  1. Support for the Sesquicentennial celebrations and activities

  2. Mowing of the grass berms

  3. Horse-riding in the Park

  4. Challenges involved with Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) in the Unitary Plan

  5. Memorial seats in the Park

  6. The motorway extension

An acknowledgement of contributions to the Forum

It is important to acknowledge the personal contributions made by various people towards the work of the Forum during 2013-2014. Specifically, Derek Hay, Peter Straka and Hans Everts have served as Chairs. We thank Guinny Sorensen for her work as Secretary of the Forum for most of the past year, and Judith Williams for stepping in when Guinny was not available. We wish to thank Sue Tisdall for faithfully attending to the Treasurer’s portfolio. We acknowledge that Derek, Guinny and Sue won’t be with us for the 2014-2015 year, and we thank them most sincerely for helping the Forum be active and successful in its work. We thank the Committee members and general members for their contributions in helping the Forum stay true to its brief.

What lies ahead in the next 12 months?

In light of the Forum’s working brief and events over the last 12 months, we strongly recommend that we attend to the following:

  • to foster strong and active participation by member organisations in the work of the Forum, thus ensuring that local groups receive the support they need, and that we have a strong voice in advocating for Puhoi in the wider arena.

  • to enhance the relationship between Puhoi and both RLB and AC.

  • to protect and develop Puhoi’s natural assets in the Memorial Park and wider environment.

  • to advocate for the continued development of Puhoi’s infrastructure.

  • to promote Puhoi as a visitor destination.

So, join us – you are the community, and the community is the Forum.

Hans Everts, Derek Hay, Peter Straka

Chairs, Puhoi Community Forum

24th June 2014

Puhoi Community Forum AGM and Agenda

Dear Puhoi residents and friends of our community,
We are very much looking forward to our coming AGM, which marks the 10th birthday of the Puhoi Community Forum. Note that the AGM starts at 7pm to allow time for the first committee meeting of the new business year to follow directly after, ending with a little birthday celebration social.
Please find attached a flyer about the Puhoi Community Forum and how you can become involved, plus a membership form for you to fill in time for our June 24 Annual General Meeting, the 2013 -14 Co-chairpersons’ Report for the meeting, to be chaired by Derek Hay, the AGM Agenda and Minutes from the 2013 AGM, plus the Financial Report for 2013-14.
Club and organisation representatives, please bring with you/furnish in advance confirmation of your approved representative for the coming year.
We will also need nominations for up to six independant committee members, who represent no group or organisation, but are willing to add their input to Forum decision-making, and for whose public-spiritedness we are, as always, very grateful.
An agenda for the committee meeting to follow will be sent out a few days later, to help avoid confusion with AGM business.
With kindest regards,
Judith Williams
PCF secretary

Puhoi Community Forum June 24 2014 AGM AGENDA

Sports Club 7pm

Chairman: Derek Hay




Approval of 2013 AGM minutes, previously circulated:

Matters Arising:

Co-chairpersons’ report, previously circulated:

2013-2014 financial report, previously circulated, & confirmation of 2014-2015 subscriptions:

Approval of two co-chairpersons and deputy chairperson:

Acceptance of club and group representatives:

Nomination of up to six independent committee members:

Election of secretary and treasurer:

Close of meeting:


Puhoi Centennial Hall AGM 28th May 2014

Puhoi Centennial Hall AGM 28th May 2014


Alison Sampson, Kathy and Cody Mankelow, Fran Endemann and Val Smith. (committee)
Bill and Sue Marcroft, Carole and Derek Hay, Pat Endemann, John Simons, Ruth Cunliffe, Judith Williams, Maria Williams, Judy Lyons and Guinny Sorensen.( members and guests).



Annual Report

Alison Sampson welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming, especially on such a cold night.
Alison thanked  all the committee members for all their hard work throughout the year and thanked the community for supporting the various fund raising events.
She said that the bookings had been consistent, which has taken the pressure off fund raising activities, but we are constantly seeking new ideas.
Alison thanked all the hard work done by Kathy and Cody Mankelow and John Simons in applying for a grant from the Lotteries commission, which was successful. We have been given $10,000.00 to help with the cost of replacing the roof.
We have had several successful events starting in June with the 150th Anniversary celebrations. The committee made sure that the hall was in pristine condition for the event.
In September we raised $1,700.00 with a dance, and Puhoi’s own “Cirque de Soleil” with Jasmine Papprill hanging from the rafters.
In November the Art group organised an exhibition of paintings by local artists, which was very successful, and they were able to donate $1,000.00 to the hall.
Finally in April we had our Anzac Quiz night, which was a resounding success giving us $1,200.00 profit. A big thank you goes to all the committee especially Fran Endemann, plus Pat Endemann, Ruth Cunliffe and many more helpers on the night.
Alison also thanked all the local  businesses who have been very generous with their sponsorship throughout the year.
The hall has been well used throughout the year by family and friends celebrating  a birthday or wedding, or sadly a funeral.
It is used regularly by the scouts,  badminton, the dance group, and it is the venue for the Xmas street party.
Mike Swain, Jenny Neel and Christine Noone are standing down from the committee this year. Alison thanked them for all their hard work. She thanked Mike for all the work on the Puhoi website which has seen us getting more wedding bookings.
Alison thanked Derek Hay for auditing the books.
Treasurers Report for year ending 31st March 2014
Kathy Mankelow reported that the total income was $13,829.01 down $3,745.73 from $17,574.74 the previous year.
The committee had identified that fundraising efforts were decreasing and it was time to introduce some new events. Unfortunately we failed to come up with any new initiatives and this is reflected in the fundraising being down by $1,913.50 from the previous year.
The committee also identified that rather than relying on fundraising to cover the cost of maintenance, we needed to ensure that the hire fees being charged were consistent, competitive and actually generating hall income. After much research, the wedding and funeral hire fees were adjusted.
The total expenditure was down this year. Running costs were about the same and no maintenance work was done this year.  Lower insurance premiums, that we worked so hard to achieve, have enabled us to have less day to day running costs.
Kathy was pleased to report that the hall maintained a strong financial position with a total bank balance of $34,.009.78 with 19 members.
She thanked Derek Hay, for once again, very kindly auditing the books. Being an Incorporated society and registered charity an Audited Annual Return must be filed with the Charities Commission every year.
Kathy thanked the committee, who are all volunteers, for their hard work . With the increasing population the hall is becoming a very popular venue. With more use, the maintenance of the building increases, plus the fact that the building is 114 years old we must make sure it is well maintained and updated when needed.
Kathy said the committee will need to continue to work hard to maintain the stable financial position we have.
The treasures report was approved by Fran Endemann and seconded by Ruth Cunliffe.
Questions from members and guests
We were asked how long the hall would be out of action when the new roof is being installed. We estimate two weeks for each side, depending on any problems being found when the iron is removed.
Alison also said that we hoped in the future to renovate the kitchen and toilets. We may also replace the curtains with roller blinds.

New Committee

Chairperson – Alison Sampson nominated by Fran Endemann seconded by Judith Williams.
Treasurer – Kathy Mankelow nominated by Val Smith seconded by Carole Hay.
Secretary – Valerie Smith nominated by Fran Endemann seconded by Judith Williams.
Bookings Officer – Fran Endemann nominated by Kathy Mankelow seconded by Judith Williams.
Cody Mankelow- nominated by Fran Endemann seconded by Val Smith
Pat Endemann – nominated by  Alison Sampson seconded by Kathy Mankelow.
Maria Williams – nominated by Kathy Mankelow seconded by Val Smith.
Judy Lyons – nominated by Val Smith seconded by Kathy Mankelow.
Friends of the hall include, Guinny Sorensen, Ruth Cunliffe , Carole Hay, Christine Noone, Judith Williams and Sue Marcroft.
Judith Williams thanked the committee for all their hard work.